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About Karen

What kind of therapist are you looking for? Are you seeking someone who sits back and is content with simply listening? Or are you looking for someone who will actively help you get to the heart of the matter? I conduct a dynamic, active therapy. In addition to empathic listening, I offer insights and techniques that yield results. I am committed to helping my clients resolve their personal issues and past trauma in a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment.

I enjoy working with clients who are ready to move forward and make positive changes in their lives. They have reached a crossroads and are willing to work on themselves to bring about these changes.

My areas of expertise include issues arising from depression, anxiety, trauma recovery and troubled relationships. I also provide wellness coaching. My background includes work with the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center and the Nashville Victim Intervention Program. I also have received post-graduate training in a broad range of modalities.

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